Unparalleled quality, Unique flavor and Great taste!

Our organic farms are situated on Pesada a picturesque village at the popular Ionian island of Cephalonia, in the regions of Agios Pavlos, Megalo Liostasi and Melissia, within walking distance of the sea (less than 1km). Here, the noble Foresti and Valsamaki families have been cultivating their carefully selected olive trees for centuries. The temperate conditions, the unique local microclimate taking advantage of the sea breeze and the rare wild herbs constitute the landscape in which our olive trees grow, producing fruit with excellent flavor, aroma and low acidity.

The varieties of our olives are Koroneiki, Korfoelia, Venetian Koroni, Thiako Koroni and the local Ladoelia. They are mixed harmoniously giving the extra virgin olive oil of Forest Farms a distinctive flavor. With controlled production, a limited quantity is produced, thus ensuring the quality as well as richness in vitamins, minerals, trace elements, polyphenols and antioxidants.

The initial results from recent studies have shown that a number of Cephalonian olive varieties are particularly rich in oleocanthal, a phenolic compound with impressive antioxidant, cardio protective, neuro protective, anti-inflammatory properties, and potentially, anticancer protection.